Summer opportunities for adults eager to learn

July 19, 2012

Summer is often the time of the year to do all those things you can't normally fit into your busy schedule. For many adults, this means going to summer school and pursuing their unique passions.

Try something new
Who says learning can't be fun? In Phoenix, Arizona, The Paradise Valley Unified School District offered woodshop as the first summer continuing education course.

"Opening the doors to the school and extending those opportunities beyond the school day, not just for our students, but to our community, is an important thing to do right now," Michael Linn, the district's assistant director of community education, told The Republic.

Tuition for the course cost only $75. If you decide to pursue a degree full-time and find similar courses with higher tuition fees, scholarships for single parents or adults may be available.

Enhance a skill
No matter how well-trained you are in a certain trade or field, there is always room for improvement. And as each year comes and goes, the latest skill set in your career path can change dramatically. At Valdosta State in Georgia, teachers are headed back to school over the summer to learn the new Advanced Placement English Language and Composition curriculum, according to WTLX.

"School systems send us very motivated teachers who really want the best for their students," David Monetti, a professor at Valdosta State, told the news source. "I am really impressed with the teachers’ work ethic. Even though they are not generally employed in the summer by their districts, they come to this training and work hard in order to get better at their craft."

Get certified
A certification is often necessary for certain careers, such as nursing, teaching or becoming a pharmacy technician. Since studying and preparing for a certification test takes time and focus, pursuing it during the summer is often a good idea.

Many adult education schools offer summer-specific training courses for those interested in preparing for related exams. The Adult and Community Education School in Florida provides adults with practical nursing training, a medical assisting program, culinary classes and even a phlebotomy program. Some of these continue into the fall, but beginning in the summer can give you a head start.

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