New years resolutions for childcare

January 7, 2013

The start of a new year may be the perfect opportunity for single moms to work on applications for additional college scholarships, build more professional contacts or improve living conditions by setting a house cleaning schedule.

These are aspects of life that are easy to control. Things that are harder to gain a handle on tend to be the most stressful and challenging. Such elements in a single mom's life also likely include children, as these are individuals with a high number of needs and little ability to fulfill such desires on their own. Getting help in these situations may be one of the best resolutions a single mom can make.

It can be hard to explain to a child all the good reasons why he needs to play quietly and leave mommy alone while she's studying. Kids want to run around and have fun, and they may not take well to being told to do otherwise. CNN wrote that single moms should approach this just as they would financial aid for moms. Instead of acting inappropriately and potentially making a bad situation worse, finding an expert in these matters can help isolate problems and find ways of avoiding them in the future.

Having initiative
Formulating a plan of attack in handling these issues is the prime solution. One of the best methods to try out, the source wrote, is to stop feeling guilty about being strict or enforcing rules. Structure and consequences are necessary for kids, and being too lenient could foster other problems down the road. One thing to remember, though, is that nobody is inherently good at parenting. Everyone gets overwhelmed, forgets things and becomes frustrated from time to time, so learning to forgive mistakes and move on should be on this year's list of things to do.

Babble wrote that, if there's one thing college moms want to do this year as a resolution to improve family ties, spending more quality time with kids should be that goal. Instead of getting stressed about whether everything is going according to plan or worrying over how to handle bills, classes and scholarships in the future, single moms should find a time and place where everyone in the family is available and feels like hanging out. This can create a more harmonious household, which is more conducive to quality relationships and a sense of peace at home.

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