School breaks for single moms with college scholarships

December 3, 2012

The upcoming semester break may give single moms with college scholarships plenty of time off to spend with children and other family and friends, but it also provides a lot of unstructured time that they can put to good use. Looking for new scholarship opportunities while sipping egg nog and reviewing upcoming course requirements while the kids watch Christmas specials can help moms make the most of the few weeks that they have off.

Go online
Even though colleges will be closed for a few weeks, with many winter breaks stretching from the middle of December to the end of January, there are ways of looking through course catalogs and interacting with advisors, though the process may be somewhat slower. Since there's less pressure to get things done immediately, single moms can relax with the kids while waiting to get details on upcoming classes and recommendations on how to improve grade point averages.

Work around the house
Now is the perfect time to come up with an organizational system or clean the places that don't always see it. Garages, attics and basements tend to get cluttered quickly, and when dealing with a full course load, sorting through kids' toys and old clothes doesn't always take precedence.

It's also a good to come up with structure for children, especially while they're still young, so even when mom is out of the house, they know where things should go and where to find certain toys.

Learn a new skill
Children will have a week or so off for winter break, but after that, a single mom with a college scholarships will be alone during the day for a few weeks before the start of the new semester. If money is tight or transportation is difficult, it might be wise to learn a skill or craft, something practical, even, that can help make life easier in the future. Reading up on how to sew and mend, fix a flat tire or do design work at home can improve quality of life and give single moms something constructive to do if there's nothing else going on.

Since it may be the only chance between now and the summer to get rest and relaxation, when the opportunity presents itself to kick back, single moms should take it. Cutting out stress can make people happier and more productive, so coming back to the spring semester recharged and ready to go can help ensure the ongoing health of college scholarships.

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