Staying in shape as a single mom

February 7, 2013

Being fit both physically and mentally is critical for a single mom. She's in charge of maintaining the household, caring for kids, bringing in an income and going back to school, so if she can't keep going, the rest of the family may not fare well. The stress of keeping up with college scholarship applications, long hours at the office and in class can be cumbersome when home activities are also waiting for her at the end of the day, so finding ways to unwind and take care of her body are important for a single mom. Finding ways to do this on a tight budget is key.

Yoga DVDs and online programming
Time and money may be stretched, but there are good ways for a single mom with a college scholarship to spread herself out as well. There are plenty of affordable DVD options at sporting goods and big-box stores that are fun and easy to get into. Free online videos also exist on public video sharing websites like Daily Motion and YouTube. The poses involved in yoga help support better blood flow, peace of mind and overall joint health, and since they're so simple to get into, kids can exercise with mom. This can be a relaxing, quiet time for the whole family that supports ongoing personal fitness.

Walk when you can
This is a very easy step in the right direction. If a destination is nearby, walk there instead of driving. It may take longer, but it will save money on gas or transportation, and it provides an opportunity to bond with kids.

Make it a game
When moms find themselves standing idly or just sitting around, watching TV or surfing on the computer, challenge yourself to acknowledge your sedentary activity and do some easy exercise repetitions. Try regular sets of pushups, sit-ups, bridges and jumping jacks, starting with a comfortable number and increasing these sets as moms gain more strength. Parenting Online wrote that doing 10 minutes of working out a day on its own can make a big difference over time, but don't interrupt searches for college scholarships for single moms. Instead, every time moms complete an application, do a workout set.

No matter what mom's level of physical fitness is, exercising can make her feel better physically and emotionally. Even when it seems like there's no time for working out, there are fast, easy ways of slipping fitness into a daily routine, which will help single moms develop a better outlook and personal image.

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