Working from home as a single mom in college

January 30, 2013

Financial aid for moms covers the cost of books, tuition and school expenses, but not all of these awards take living expenses into account. Some mothers rely on public assistance to get by or already work an outside job, making it difficult for them to manage going to classes and take care of the bills. Fears about financial stability may keep them from heading back to college.

Fortunately, there are a number of work-from-home options that can help moms balance making money, going to college and maintaining care of the family and earning an income at the same time. Finding online job offers that are legitimate, flexible and lucrative is the key.

Medical transcription
A number of companies offer this option as a remote job, according to Bankrate, requiring that employees only have an internet connection, the ability to write a certain number of words per minute and adhere to basic grammar and syntax guidelines. Special equipment might be necessary in order to get started, such as a Dictaphone telephone system, special headset or transcription foot pedal, but others are far more easygoing with necessary supplies to begin work.

This profession also allows moms to adjust their daily work schedules according to job volumes{missing word}, since the same amount of available transcription work items won't be available all day. That way, if they check a website or transcription program and see no work is available, they will have more time to study, apply for college scholarships or take care of household chores.

SEO writing
This profession requires a little more knowledge of the English language, the ability to write marketing content or a grasp of online content engineering. Similar to medical transcription jobs, this career allows moms more freedom to focus on school and family, since writing opportunities are usually available but aren't mandatory during a set period of time.{i think you mean hours are flexible.} Resources like offer incentives for hitting a certain volume of content per month, but there is no penalty for writing less.

Tax preparation
Forbes wrote that this is one of the more lucrative positions someone can get as a work-from-home single mom. Companies like H&R Block, TurboTax and Liberty Tax all have online tests and paid training for qualified preparers, and not all of these even require a previous qualification or preparation experience. Having an in-depth knowledge of tax systems will be necessary in order to pass the initial exam, but once a position is secured, single moms with college scholarships will be able to make a considerable amount of money and set their own work schedules.

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