Finding funding options lightens load for school

December 21, 2012

One of the many problems facing mothers in going back to school is that not all financial aid for moms helps put food on the table or pay the bills. In those instances, getting public assistance may not always be an option, as some programs will count scholarships as income, making single moms ineligible for financial help with anything outside of school. Working and attending classes is hard enough on its own, but adding to that the burden of caring for a home and the need to be with children, and some mothers may feel that getting a college diploma is impossible.

Civil options
There are options available to help with daily expenses, but finding these requires the same sort of legwork that moms have to  do to find applicable college scholarships. This assistance is worth it, but moms will need to work for it to a degree.

While some programs are national in scale, others take a regional bent, focusing on local people in need of financial and other help. The Helping Opportunity Prepare Evolution (HOPE) Network is one such entity that operates in both spheres, providing outlets for regional charities, as well as national assistance to those outside the scope of specialized projects.

PhillyBurbs wrote that an organization called Your Giving Hands joined forces with HOPE to provide daily care money to single moms in need. The source stated that both charities are working in tandem to host a number of holiday events throughout the year in order to raise funds and supply moms with a way of going back to school without worrying about keeping food on the table or the heat on in the winter.

Parks and recreation
Other regional assistance is available for people who seek it out, usually at Social Security and social work offices, as well as community centers, town halls and police stations. Some programs even cover miscellaneous or recreational expenses, giving moms with college scholarships the chance to give their kids an educational and life-changing experience as well.

Cape Cod Times wrote that The Needy Fund, a charitable grant run by the news organization, recently helped provide summer camp money to a single mom taking classes and working over the summer. The source didn't disclose what camp specifically the boy would be attending, but emphasized that this would offer an enriching experience for children while their parents work to create a better life for the family. Looking into these kinds of offerings can alleviate the stress and anxiety some single moms may be carrying along, making it easier to feel good about day-to-day activities.

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