Finding a job during the holiday rush

December 24, 2012

The winter shopping season is drawing to a close, but employers are still looking for people to flesh out the ranks. For single moms relying on college scholarships, making a little extra money during the winter break or leading up to Christmas can be a big help, but it can also put added strain on an already hectic lifestyle. It's up to each person to decide for herself if she feels she can balance a job with running a home, caring for kids and going to school.

Making a goal
That's what makes temporary and part-time work ideal in these scenarios. It can be more than difficult to work full-time during the day, then head to school and follow that up with taking care of kids and studying in between. There just may not be enough hours in the day for everything. Getting a job that fits in with all these other activities may seem just as impossible, but finding flexible scheduling or temp work can help moms decide if they're ready for it.

Healthcare IT News reported that the first thing anyone should do when looking for a job after a dry spell is review their resumes for accuracy. If a single mom doesn't have a resume handy, schools often will provide career assistance in writing one, as well as coaching on the interview process. The source stated that people should be sure to find gaps in their training, put down the most up-to-date skill set that's relevant to the position they seek and make sure it isn't too long or overly detailed. Focusing on minutia and including every minor achievement may give the impression that an applicant doesn't know how to make a formal presentation, so make sure resumes get proofread before submitting them.

Building a career
JobSite, a U.K.-based website, also recommended looking into fields that single moms are already studying. Some employers are also likely to offer college scholarships to assist in further training of these pursuits, plus it gives moms a possible job reference or even a permanent position after they finish school. What's more, as a working mom in school, there may be additional financial aid for moms working in their desired industry, so pursuing these lines makes the most sense.

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