5 tips for getting a head start on financial assistance

January 11, 2013

Going to college can be a life-changing event for single moms in many ways, but having the time and money to do it may not be as easy as anticipated. Financial aid for moms can mean the difference in some cases between realizing this aspiration and falling short of the mark. Fortunately, there are many scholarships geared toward helping moms meet these goals, as well as regular monetary planning advice and assistance to be had.

One of the most critical things a single parent needs to do, regardless of what they want to do with their lives, is get organized. Failing to prioritize correctly can lead to a more stressful lifestyle due to lack of routine, inability to plan and financial insecurity, US News reported. Here are some quick tips to get ahead with college applications at the start of the year.

1.) Start early. It's easier to forget about deadlines when there are too many things to balance. Caring for children, managing a home and going to work every day is hard enough on its own, and those already in college know that it doesn't get easier before it gets harder first.

2.) Get a calendar. Getting a head start is great for making deadlines, but it's also simple to forget what these dates are in the midst of the rest of regular chaos. Having a calendar on a mobile device isn't as permanent and obvious as putting a wall calendar somewhere prominent with important application dates highlighted and on display.

3.) Learn from mistakes. Local2, an Ontario news outlet, recommended looking at the things that have gone wrong with finances and other planning opportunities in order to figure out how to stop the process from going that way in the future.

4.) Look for assistance. Money may be a hardship for some single moms, so Fox San Antonio reported that those in need of advice should seek out free opportunities. Single moms looking for college scholarships should go to the source, meeting with academic advisers and other on-campus resources. Looking in the community for financial planning opportunities is also advised, the source stated.

5.) Make a copy. Paper forms are prone to errors and half-dead pens. Households with small children are also susceptible to wandering fingers and tiny hands making spills and taking things they shouldn't touch. Scholarships for single mothers still need to look as professional as possible, so moms want to ensure they are able to submit completed applications without juice stains or wrinkles.

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