Support options available for single moms

January 30, 2013

The many facets of life single moms need to deal with on their own can feel overwhelming. Work, school and family all seem like primary concerns, but how is it possible for a mom to make all three of these top priority? Successfully maintaining college scholarships and getting a degree can make other aspects of life easier to handle, but while moms are in the process of managing all of these obligations, having a lifeline or support system can be immensely helpful.

Finding additional outlets
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 10 million single moms currently live in the country, and half of all women are working at least part-time. About one-third of all these women had a child out of wedlock or any kind of relationship, meaning that they are the sole caregivers of their children. Having friends and family around them that they can count on for help when they need it could make their struggle to stay in school and earn a better living easier to manage.

Looking in the community for assistance can be helpful, the Hartford Sentinel reported. Specific groups exist that make sure single moms have a place to meet up, talk about problems and gain a support system for tough times. Financial aid for moms may not cover every expense a single parent has, including child care, transportation and reduced work hours, so these groups can help women network and find alternative options or ways to offset expenses.

"Educate a woman, and countless generations to come will benefit from the investment," U.S. News quoted Linda Lael as saying. She explained that a number of public groups exist that help moms locate scholarship opportunities, support groups and other services that allow them to go back to school and take some of the stress out of this situation. Since some college scholarships can be applied to living expenses, women should try talking to financial aid officers and guidance professionals at their schools to locate these kinds of funding options specifically.

Not every kind of grant or scholarships will provide moms with the flexibility they need. However, support groups and assistance programs in the community and at school can help them find the tools they need to succeed. Looking into options in the surrounding area can help single parents locate the scholarships that best fit their situations, and since so many moms are in the same position in the U.S., knowing where these assets lie can make applying much simpler and quicker.

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