Making connections in college helps after graduation

September 14, 2012

For a single mom, it's important to put a degree to the best use possible once it is obtained, and that means hitting the bricks in search of a job. Waiting until the tassel is moved to start seeking better employment is a crucial mistake, though. Getting an early start on networking and meeting potential employers while in school can make a big difference.

Use who you know
Sometimes it's not what you know but who you meet. Classmates and teachers sometimes have employment outside of the school setting, while others may be business owners as well. These people are all well-acquainted with one another's work ethic and ability to perform, meaning they themselves are the best reference in the hiring process.

Coordinating with many different kinds of people is key to finding a good job right out of the gate. If a person wants a career in a specific field, spending time with teachers and professionals in that field in a learning capacity will show what a student is capable of doing, so that when that relationship matures, it can become a coworker scenario.

Online resources
Finding employment online is becoming increasingly popular, but even here the best resources are those fueled by the connections a person has. Sites like LinkedIn are great for job hunters and employers alike, as they show off the people an individual has worked with, his or her strengths and the major achievements and past employers all in one space. These sites allow users to build portfolios of hiring tools all in one place, so a business owner need only to look at those with specific work histories and education to find a suitable candidate. What's more, because it's a social interface, the accuracy of statements is heightened, since other users can provide feedback if a profile shows false information.

Using the resources and connections made in college can sometimes be more valuable than the degree earned. Keep in mind that some programs, like scholarships for mothers, will also provide networking opportunities to build up potential jobs before graduation. The best strategy is to be employed before receiving a diploma, so that the educational investment can be put to work immediately.


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