Consider majors before college for single moms

October 25, 2012

For some single moms with college scholarships, going back to school can change the lives of the everyone in the family. Therefore, this decision can make or break the future financial wellness of a mom and her children, especially during the years while college classes are ongoing. The hours taken away from regular work that are sacrificed to studying, classwork and other academic endeavors should balance the career opportunities a degree can offer, so making sure a selected major is worth it is important.

Make more money
One of the biggest reasons for getting a college degree is increasing the earning power a single mom has. Adding a college scholarship to the mix can make getting that diploma much easier, but once it has been acquired, making good on job offers is important. To do that, Kiplinger recommended looking at majors that guarantee income of more than $50,000 per year.

To do that, nursing and medical assistance are two of the best choices available. Medical technologies like laboratory and chemical engineering also fall into this category, and higher income is basically guaranteed to those graduating with applicable degrees. Nursing careers will be in high demand for years to come, so both licensed practical nurses and registered nurses are desirable professions for hospitals across the country. This career stability is desirable for single mothers with college scholarships, because they will be able to make a considerable return on their college investment for years to come.

Survive the market
In a lot of cases, students who graduated several years ago thought they were safe with liberal arts majors, but then the economy fell through. There are signs of recovery now that are giving students new confidence in such majors, but if single moms with college scholarships want to make sure they can outlast any recession and support their families, picking a focus that will not be shot asunder by fluctuations in the market.

Forbes wrote that professions within the information technology field are good bets when it comes to surviving the negative twists and turn the economy has seen recently. When other professions have tried to cut personnel and reduce hiring in order to make due, information technology services have seen expanding success and need for more personnel, signalling a new desire for more hiring that should encourage single moms with college scholarships to pursue these opportunities.

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