Dating as a single mom on a time budget

February 1, 2013

Just because a single mom is busy with college scholarships and running a household doesn't mean she shouldn't make time for dating and socializing. While the college environment lends itself to meeting new people and getting invited to special events or nights out, there are other obligations that may make them feel unable to attend. Here are some tips on how to balance these various elements:

Working them into the schedule
There are a number of regular activities in a mom's schedule that can turn into opportunities for dating or just getting to know people better. Grabbing a cup of coffee, going to lunch or studying together will show moms what kind of work ethic and personal attitudes a potential boyfriend has outside of the classroom. If the intended beau isn't a student, this can also reveal whether that person is going to be a support or a hindrance to ongoing college aspirations.

Make events kid-friendly
CNN recommends finding a way to incorporate kids into dating activities. This will be particularly easy if the person a single mom is seeing also has kids, but even if he doesn't, a guy should have a good relationship with a woman's children as well. If he doesn't know how to act around her kids, he may not be a good fit for her current lifestyle. This also allows a mom to get time with her children without taking time away from regular activities.

Set clear boundaries
Your Tango advised that single moms need their partners to understand that other aspects of their lives are still important without minimizing a new relationship. Spending time applying for} single parent scholarships, studying for exams or working on professional connections are all essential to ongoing personal success, so being sure to devote time to these endeavors should be something moms consider before starting a serious relationship.

The source recommended that, more than just for professional reasons, single moms should avoid getting too entangled with a boyfriend or other relationship too quickly. It's important to remember to keeping dating casual, especially during busy times in the semester, can help moms stay focused on school.

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