Preparing to make the grade this finals season

November 30, 2012

For many moms with college scholarships, the upcoming final exam season could mean the difference between passing and failing certain classes. Cramming at the last minute won't help bring up grade point averages, but with work and family to contend with, it may seem like there isn't any time left in the day to devote to hitting the books. Especially with Thanksgiving and the winter holidays right around the corner, attention can easily be distracted to these other activities, leaving coursework to suffer.

In order to maintain financial wellness and uphold a college scholarship, single moms need to come up with actionable plans now to ensure ongoing success in the future. Simply relying on the time opening up on its own isn't the best strategy.

Compression versus cramming
First, if single moms haven't been taking notes all semester, chances are it is going to be harder to study. Some professors will give out study guides or review sheets, and if these are available, it would be wise for moms to seek out their teachers and get them. Even if these resources aren't available, meeting with a professor during his or her office hours can help gain insight into what topics to review the most and could provide additional insight into helpful study tools specific to the subject matter.

Once moms have their notes and study guides, they should come up with a set time to sit down and study for finals. Unlike the rest of the semester where these kinds of planned events can be flexible and skipped if need be, there should be no bending the rules for final exams. Single moms with college scholarships have one shot to get a good grade, and if playing with kids or going out for a fun night seem like they're going to get in the way of achieving that goal, moms need to step back and assess what's most important.

On the other hand, don't get so wound up that focusing is impossible, USA Today reports. Too much stress will set a single mom up for failure, so take a casual break to grab coffee, read with children or watch some television. Just don't let these gaps in study time get too lengthy.

More than anything, single moms need to be mindful that resources exist and they need to make use of them. Things like writing centers, tutoring time and group reviews can give that extra leg up they need to succeed.

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