Single moms go back to school to help families

December 28, 2012

It may be hard to fathom adding more to a single mom's plate by applying to colleges, working out class schedules, studying, applying for college scholarships and setting up childcare, but there are benefits to jumping through these hoops. Continuing to work at a dead-end job can help single parents scrape by, but this can be a stressful situation with no reprieve in sight. It can also send the wrong message to kids about how they should shape their goals for the future. Finding a way to get back into school and obtain a college diploma is good for single moms as well as their entire families.

Living and dreaming
The Amarillo Globe-News highlighted one mother of three who works at a daycare facility teaching other people's kids so she can afford to attend classes full-time in the evenings. As part of an anonymous Empty Stocking campaign, the source tried to emphasize the struggle she was going through, getting financial aid for moms but still needing to work to make money for bills and other expenses these funds didn't cover. Readers were encouraged to donate presents and send words of encouragement, as the single mom told the source it was a constant struggle to stay in school, but worth it for the betterment of her children's futures.

Another single mom talked to The Monitor about raising a daughter on her own in San Juan, Texas. She told the source that she found a way to cut childcare expenses by leaving her 2-year-old with a friend while she goes to school, taking classes at a local college to earn her high school diploma and then carrying over into an undergraduate degree. The single mom said she knew that without a degree, her career would never go anywhere, and she would never be able to make the life for her daughter that she truly wanted. Despite the hardship, financial aid for moms was able to help her get back to school, but she will still need to work in order to keep up with other payments.

These single moms understand that hardships and sacrifice are necessary in order to get the kind of employment they need to support their families. However, recognizing the value and contribution these educational elements provide, single moms are more determined to achieve their dreams and make better lives for themselves and their children.

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