Simple car care for college scholarship success

November 30, 2012

For single moms, there may not be a lot of money left over in the event of a vehicular emergency. Many see their cars as their lifeline to work, school and beyond, relying on these machines to get them basic sustenance and bring them to entertainment. When these cars break down, they can be very costly to repair, meaning any steps a single mom with a college scholarship can do on her own to keep her roadworthy are vital.

There are plenty of things that can be done in the driveway with only simple tools, decreasing the likelihood that the automobile will need to go to the shop, and hopefully lowering the bill if it does need the attention.

Oil and fluids
Checking the oil is one of the easiest things to do under hood. Find the dipstick, pull it out, clean it, replace it, and pull it out again to read how much oil is in the engine and look for the quality. All these pieces are marked: There should be an oil cap with a dipper next to it, and if not, check the owner's manual or look online for tips. The dipstick also has a fullness indicator. The color should always be a pale to dark amber, the lighter the better, but black means immediate change is needed.

With the winter coming, topping off antifreeze and windshield fluid are also essential. These reservoirs are also clearly labeled and easy to use, so single moms with college scholarships should have no problem with it.

Tires and wipers
Properly inflated tires and wiper blades with a strong edge will make getting through difficult snow and ice less of a stressor. Especially when driving kids around, single moms should feel reassured if they know their tires are properly inflated and the have a good tread. Swapping for studded or all-season radials will also ensure better traction.

To test tires, gas stations and convenience stores have air pumps that are cheap or free. Tires themselves indicate how many PSi they should have, and during the winter, having the correct inflation is even more important to guarantee less of a spinout or blowout risk.

Wiper blades are the best defense against impaired vision. If they leave long streaks or fail to clear the windshield during optimal conditions, then you should swap out the blades is fast and easy. Be sure to get the correct pair for a particular vehicle, though - a single mom with a college scholarship can understand that using the wrong tool for the job can produce disastrous results.

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