Protecting home and other assets for less

December 19, 2012

For single moms on a budget, there isn't a lot of spare change floating around in bank accounts at the end of each month to cover additional expenses, making basic things seem like a luxury. Financial aid for moms only protects their interests in assuring they can still go to school, but if something happens to their homes, that process could be undermined, regardless. Break-ins and burglaries are not uncommon in any state, county or neighborhood, but obtaining protection against this threat may seem difficult for single parents.

In order to deter burglars, single moms don't need expensive home monitoring systems, they just need safety solutions that make homes seem less break-in friendly. Besides, not having a home alarm doesn't mean signs can't be posted advertising that such a tool is in place and armed. How is the burglar going to know?

Automatic timer lights give the impression someone is around, especially if these are programmed to turn on and off at different times. Rooms that are frequently inhabited would be lit constantly, but setting up a system that flicks the bathroom lights on and off again sells the idea that somebody is home. There are a multitude of other devices that are relatively inexpensive which give the effect that someone is is in the house, including light boxes and audio recordings, making them ideal solutions for single moms on a budget.

Clipping back hedges and reducing the amount of lawn obstacles helps cut the number of hiding spots burglars can use to snoop around the property. US News wrote that cutting back foliage will give intruders pause, as there won't be a way to get close and slip out again without being seen. This also makes reinforced doors, new locks, outdoor sensor lights and fake security cameras strong additions to home decor.

Another good way of avoiding becoming a target is to throw away packaging more discretely. Especially with the holidays fast approaching, leaving boxes advertising new electronics and expensive items on the curbside will show burglars the kind of goods they can expect if they break into a specific house.

These solutions are low-cost and easy to set up, so even single moms can implement these without breaking the bank. With so many other things to worry about regarding financial aid and college scholarships, knocking one concern off the table can grant exceptional peace of mind.

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