Finding innovative ways to make and save money in college

December 17, 2012

It may seem like affording college is impossible for single moms already stretched thin by the needs of home and children, but there are alternative forms of income available for those who know where to look for them. One of course is financial aid for moms, and the other is finding work. Not all jobs need to be retail positions, though. Some single parents have found innovative ways of making a living while in school, allowing them to continue with unique careers after graduation.

Making their own inroads
Shoreline Times wrote that sometimes accepting help from friends and family can mean the start of something big. Desarae Bartone of Madison, Conn., discovered that fact when she took her father's business idea and her mother's advice about how to run it and started her own electronics recycling company. A Free Alternative Electronic Recyclers of Connecticut, or AFA for short, helps Bartone earn money while she makes her way through school. Her parents look after her daughter while she's in classes, and when she's not studying, she's fixing computers, TVs and other electronics to be resold for money.

These opportunities are unique but attainable for those with a mind for business opportunities. Just like finding college scholarships, looking for gaps in local services can show single parents what niches they could try in order to make a viable business in their region.

Startup success stories
Another single mom in California, Kristin Higgins, used to be a dental assistant, but after getting divorced she decided to take her education in a new direction. She started a spray tanning business in Burbank after attending a specialized school intended to help people get into that line of work and start their own stores. With three children to support, she had to make tough decisions about how to handle childcare and finances, still struggling with paying bills associated with the marriage and others regarding her time in the classroom.

Finding financial aid for moms in this kind of situation is also very possible, if women know where to look. This can be a great relief to those who are trying to balance income and expenses, as well as the emotional rigors of such a tumultuous period.

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