Webinars a tool for adults continuing their education

July 19, 2012

Single parents and adults head back to class in a variety of ways. Some land a substantial package of financial aid for mothers or scholarships for single parents and go to school full-time. Others take classes part-time while balancing work, family and education. Now, adults can not only take online classes, but also actively participate in webinars, which are presentations, lectures, workshops or seminars transmitted over the web.

Pick the right options
There are many education webinars available in almost every field you can imagine. Since most webinars cost a registration fee, it's important to pick the ones that will help fuel your education as well as your career path. However, webinars are usually far cheaper than college courses, so you may want to pick subjects you would like to learn more about but don't have time for at school.

Since many webinars don't offer credits that transfer, consider not taking any required college courses to avoid having to learn the material again. The technology is a great way to introduce yourself to a subject before diving into a degree path, however. For example, adults looking into a career in speech-language pathology may be interested in new HomeCEUConnection.com webinars broadcasting July 20 and 21.

Mark your calendar
Prepare for a webinar just like you would for a physical class. Research the instructor and what the webinar will go over, so you're not surprised by the material. If you were asked to read specific texts beforehand, have those available along with notes you took. Make sure you are mentally ready to learn, and in a quiet place where you can focus while watching the video stream. Either have a second laptop or paper on hand in order to take notes. Some interactive webinars allow you to ask the instructor questions at the end, so make sure to jot those questions down as they come. It won't do much good to raise your hand during this lesson!

Use webinars as a stepping off point
If you are just getting back into the education game, webinars can be a great way to ease into the transition. Without the stress of an intimidating professor or a class full of peers, online lectures can give you a feel for the material in a comfortable way. However, although webinars are useful and oftentimes effective, they don't stand alone. For most subjects, it's best to use them in addition to physical or online classes, not merely as a substitute.

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