How to deal with college stress

July 27, 2012

After parents returning to school have applied for all their college scholarships for moms and chosen their courses, it's time to prepare for the first day of school. As exciting as new classes and professors can be, they tend to bring stress with them as well. There are, however, a few techniques for students to cope with this stress.

Stay organized
Right from the start of the semester, try to stay on top of your schoolwork. Keeping a daily planner or calendar can help you remember when certain projects or papers are due, and diligently checking a course syllabus the first week will help you realize when you'll need to spend time studying each subject. The best way to prevent a panic attack during the last week of classes when everything seems to be due at once is to plan ahead and know when you'll need to get work done.

Organization with neatly kept folders and binders for your materials will help you worry less, too, because you'll always be able to find whatever worksheet or quiz you need.

One of the most helpful tips for dealing with college work - and especially when balancing school with work or parenting - is to prioritize your time. Do the homework that will definitely be graded first, and then if you have time, you can try the extra credit. Your schoolwork shouldn't take over your life, either, so try to focus on studying during the times you know the rest of the family is busy, leaving your time spent together more worry-free.

Take a break
During exams week, it may feel like you have to sit in front of your computer or read your notes the entire day if you want to pass, but remember to take breaks. Meet with a fellow student for lunch to discuss your classes, join a study group so you can learn and gossip at the same time, or simply go work out at the gym when you feel you can't study anymore. It turns out that taking a break actually helps you think and perform better. One famous example of this concept is how Google grants its employees 20 percent of their work day to devote to a project of their choice, and this spare part of the day often yields some of the company's best ideas.

When you head back to school, don't let the stress of classes get you down. Besides these strategies for coping, it's important to remind yourself why you're doing all this work - to pursue your degree and dream job. 

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