Bridge to Start creates path toward post-secondary education

June 13, 2012

A new online high school is making it easier for adults to earn their diploma, receive scholarships and move back into the educational system. Ed2go's Bridge to Start is a "fast-track" program which helps support single mothers and other adults. This idea came from recent news that as of July 1, adults will no longer be able to receive federal financial aid to attend college without a high school diploma or General Educational Development degree.

At a time when a high school diploma is necessary to continue on a path toward college, scholarships for adults as well as accredited programs such as ed2go's Career Online High School are re-engaging adults and offering support within an underfunded educational system.

Through Bridge to Start, ed2go aims to help post-secondary institutions market to students who did not receive high school diplomas and will therefore be ineligible for federal funding. By taking part in the program, prospective students can quickly earn their diploma and carry on.

"Because Career Online High School is easy-to-implement, very affordable and flexible via online anytime-anywhere access, this is an ideal academic solution for post-secondary institutions seeking to get these students enrolled and started on their path to more successful careers," said Howard Liebman, superintendent of schools for Smart Horizons Career Online Education.

The company hopes this will decrease the gap in the number of students able to enroll in postsecondary career training.

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