Technology and the online college scholarship

October 26, 2012

Let's face it, not all single moms will be willing or able to leave their kids behind and go off to school every day. For some, it's outright impossible - with campuses sometimes hundreds of miles away or requiring too long of a commute, physically attending classes is not always an option. For single mother college scholarships, online-only degrees are widely sought by those without the means or desire to travel to school every day. However, these moms will have another set of troubles to get around, and not just in separating learning from family space.

Tech tools
For many moms, a computer may already be in the house, but it may not be one that can support online eLearning applications. As the importance of technology continues to grow in standard classroom settings, the payload of software used by schools and teachers to confer educational experiences are also growing. In short, it might be necessary to get a new computer for school.

Laptops have the computing power and portability that can allow a mom to move around the house with all her coursework without worrying about power cords. These devices are not as easily tucked away as a tablet computer, but they have more power and are easier for writing reports or posting on class discussion boards. While it may seem like a fun, nifty idea to get a tablet, it is not the best strategy, especially when saving money for regular expenses remains the priority.

Cutting the bills
Having a college scholarship won't be of much help if a single mom can't get online to do classwork. A new reliance on internet connectivity could make phone and cable bills go up substantially. In such situations, getting rid of those bills and switching to less expensive options should be considered. For instance, some companies like Straight Talk have cheap cell phone plans that can get rid of a landline expense. Turning off the cable can also open kids to a world of books and physical activity that is much healthier than sitting in front of the television all day. If neither of these is an option, try looking into alternative providers to see if there are cheaper services out there. 

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