Finding the right time to meet with your professor

August 24, 2012

As a college student, it's your responsibility to stay on top of your coursework and achieve the grades you need to eventually obtain a degree. However, there are bound to be some bumps along the road. Perhaps you don't understand your lectures or a particular assignment.

In these instances, it may be necessary for you to seek out the assistance of your professor - but how do you communicate with your teacher and gather the information you need?

The first way you should attempt to speak to your professor is by finding out his or her office hours. Often, a teacher will have visiting hours listed for students, giving you an opportunity to speak to him or her without causing any interference.

If you can't find any listed office hours, speak to your professor after class to set up a time when you can both meet. Clarify your reasons for wanting to have a meeting to let your professor know it's a worthwhile cause. In the end, you'll be able to address any underlying issues before it becomes a problem and reflects in your grade.

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