Montana State University to offer more online undergraduate courses

August 24, 2012

As more parents take advantage of scholarships for moms and grants for parents, a number of colleges are updating their course offerings to cater to nontraditional students. Busy parents who work full-time jobs tend to look for class flexibility when it comes to narrowing down their choices of schools.

One institution that is making changes to better accommodate nontraditional students is Montana State University. The school's official website recently posted information confirming that new online undergraduate courses will be offered to students.

Some of the classes provided include algebra, economics and various business classes. These online courses can be a great starting point for busy moms who want to obtain a higher education while taking care of their families.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that individuals with a bachelor's degree made approximately $1,053 weekly in 2011. Those who only had a high school diploma made $638 every week.

By earning a degree and the knowledge necessary to hold an advanced position, moms can make more money and better provide for their children. Scholarships and grants are making it possible for parents to enroll in more accredited online colleges.

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