Saving on school essentials once enrolling in a postsecondary institution

August 7, 2012

Even parents who are returning to school have to take the cost of supplies into consideration when managing their finances. While scholarships for moms and grants for parents can help curb the cost of school supplies, taking a few extra steps to stay on budget can result in big savings.

To make sure that you don't break the bank once you enroll in a postsecondary institution, think reused - not new. Instead of buying new textbooks, see if you can find used versions online or at your campus bookstore. Ask your kids if they have any leftover pens, pencils and notebooks that you can use for your own studies. These small initiatives can save you an ample amount of cash.

If you drive to campus, try to use public transportation to reduce the amount of money you spend on getting to your classes. Consider carpooling with one of your classmates once you get to know your colleagues if you both live nearby.

Finally, know what you need and compare it to what you want. Do you really need four new binders, or could you get away with using an old one from one of your kids? Being familiar with where your money is going and what you're spending can go a long way.

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