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Recent Winners

Disclaimer: These winners each won a $10,000 scholarship in one of our past drawings. Not everyone will win. See official rules for odds of winning and other information.

Image of JoAnne Green

JoAnne Green

Patterson, LA

“Thank you for this opportunity to go back to school. I was a teenage mom, born and raised in San Francisco and became homeless while attending school on Dean's list. I never lost hope. This scholarship gave me the incentive to push and achieve.”

Image of Heather Alcala

Heather Alcala

San Antonio, TX

“I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to win this AMAZING scholarship for moms as I haven't had much luck with scholarships in the past. I look forward to using my scholarship to finish my Paramedic program.”

Image of Natalie Carpenter

Natalie Carpenter

Kenna, WV

“This scholarship will help me make it through the financial struggle all college students encounter. I am very grateful for the financial relief scholarships4moms has given me! Myself and my sweet boys thank you! ”

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Image of Muna Mohamud

Muna Mohamud

Burnsville, MN

“I would like to continue my education to improve my knowledge, to make a difference for my patients and to make a difference in my children’s futures.”

Image of Paige Wasson

Paige Wasson

Las Vegas, NV

“I’m so grateful to receive this helpful boost! When I received the call saying that I was the winner I almost hung up the phone! I couldn’t believe it! ”

Image of Carol Melvin

Carol Melvin

Ruskin, FL

“I am so grateful to get this scholarship. With the scholarship I will make payments towards my student loan and hopefully pay that off as soon as possible.”

Image of Katelyn Melendez

Katelyn Melendez

Plant City, FL

“My name is Katelyn Melendez, I am finishing my bachelor degree in interdisciplinary studies to advance myself and my family. Being able to not worry about bills for school will allow me to rest a little easier at night.”

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